Wide Plank Wood Flooring – Ideas And Tips

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he floors in your home can have a major impact on both the look and feel of the space.  Redoing floors can make a previously shabby home light up with charm and elegance.  Choosing a type of flooring can be hard, but for those looking for a more rustic look then wide plank wood flooring has become extremely popular lately.

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Whether using repurposed or reclaimed wood or installing brand new wood, you can get a variety of looks and feels out of this style.  From luxury to farmhouse, this type of floor adds a lot of value to a home and can be a major selling point.  Wood floors are also much easier for people to clean, and those with allergies and pets might find them extremely beneficial.

Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors definitely increases the perceived value of your home.  Carpet is out of favor with most people nowadays due to the fact that it is very difficult to keep clean.  However, just as with anything else, there are tradeoffs to be had.  Here are a few of the pros and cons you can expect with hardwood flooring of all different types and styles.

Pros[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • Easy Maintenance And Cleaning – it is very easy to clean hardwood flooring of dust, pet hair, spills, and other messes.  This can be a huge advantage for those who are clean freaks or who simply have allergies.  Those with pets know that hardwood floors are advantageous due to the fact that they do not trap hair, odors, and dirt that is often tracked in by even the cleanest of pets.  This is especially true of multi-pet households.
  • Value And Longevity – hardwood flooring adds instant value to your home, so if you ever look to sell it can be a major selling point and something that a lot of buyers are looking for nowadays.  Hardwood floors are also much longer-lived than carpeting, which has a definite lifespan before it gets disgusting.
  • Styles And Design Options – although carpet comes in all colors and patterns, so does hardwood flooring!  You can get a variety of stain colors and sizes of planks.  You could even go for a parquet design to mix things up.[/tie_list]

Cons[tie_list type=”thumbdown”]

  • Expense – hardwood flooring is not cheap, and the more upscale of a look you want the more it will cost.  However, some older houses already have adequate hardwood floors underneath the old carpeting, and all it needs is a good sanding and refinishing to restore it to its former condition.
  • Maintenance – some maintenance is required for hardwood floors if you want them to remain in good condition.  Refinishing on occasion is a good idea to ensure that the wood stays in good condition and doesn’t get worn out by foot traffic or exposed to humidity which can cause cracking and warping.
  • Can Be Noisy – it’s true that unfortunately hardwood flooring can cause simple footsteps to make a lot of racket, especially with hard soled shoes.  However this can be minimized with area rugs and carpet runners.[/tie_list]

Where to Buy

Depending on where you want to source your wood, you can get your flooring from department stores for DIY projects or you can have a contractor custom-make wood of any size or style that you like.  Obviously the cost will vary depending on the style and quality that you want, as well as finish types.

Getting truly customized hardwood floors can be a huge expense but it can pay off in a big way should you ever want to sell your home.  This can raise the value of your house by tens of thousands of dollars!

Some hardwood flooring companies allow you to customize many elements of your floor, from the type of wood, color, texture, and more.  This can be a fun and exciting project!

Where It Can Be Used

Wide wood plank flooring can be used in many areas of your home. From the traditional kitchen to the living room; it can also be used as a focal point for your bedroom.

The truth is decorating possibilities are usually inexhaustible; this is because many homes come in different types and styles, hence homeowners have the vast choice on where the wide wood planks can be used.

Laminate Benefits

Laminate wood flooring is a good cost saving option for those who can’t or don’t want to buy real hardwood floors.  They have certain advantages that can be a plus, although they won’t add as much value to the home and they don’t have as long of a lifespan.[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • Quick and easy installation process; mostly because of the large size of the planks, it just takes fewer of them to quickly cover your floor in a very short time.
  • The natural appearance of laminate wood floor enhances warmth and timeless beauty.
  • Budget friendly upgrade to your home’s appearance.
  • Some methods like engineered wood planks give you added protection against water. So you can easily install in your kitchen without worries.[/tie_list]

Real Wood Benefits

The benefits of using real wood are mostly in terms of perceived value and the fact that laminates still tend to have a “fake-ish” look.  Real wood has a supreme quality that is hard to beat.[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • Readily available
  • Color tones are natural
  • Holds stains well and can easily be machined right before or even after it is sold.
  • Real wood is long lasting and some come with a combination of natural color tones.[/tie_list]


Wide wood planks flooring is the best way to increase the beauty, warmth, but also the value of your home. Follow keenly the manufacturer ’s installation guidelines to get amazing outcomes for your floors.