Weird Showers

Here are some odd shower concepts that I’ve never really encountered in real life! Would you try these out in your home? What if they were in a hotel? I have to say that interesting shower ideas are intriguing, and I would definitely love to try all of them.  However, some of them seem a bit over the top.  Leave a comment below if you would try these out!

weird shower, horizontal shower

Have you ever heard of a “horizontal shower”? It doesn’t seem too practical. What do you think?  The surface looks cold, and I’m not sure how you would actually bathe yourself.  Also, where does the water drain?  It seems like a massage idea.

Here’s a guy in the shower….looks like he’s relaxing!

Another view of the horizontal shower. I wonder if there’s only one of these in the world?  I really like the side table.  Also, how about that shotgun hole wall lighting?  The wooden step adds to the luxe feel of this shower, although I’m just not sure how this would work in real life.

I’m unsure what is going on here….

Apparently this design is by Dornbracht. Check it out!

Artist artxauroraxart has depicted some strange showers and what might happen in them. Check it out here! This is pretty funny.  I can see what’s going on here though…it looks like a shower massage concept where you sit on the grey seat and are massaged by jets.  It’s like being in a hot tub without the tub.  I guess it’s a good alternative for those who don’t care to have a hot tub but want a similar experience.

This waterfall shower looks like it might be very relaxing! I’m all for weird and interesting shower head concepts.  It also has a traditional shower head in case you’re just looking for a classic experience.

Here’s another walk in shower concept that is reallllly open. What do you think?  It looks a bit cold to me.  However I like the open concept.  I would definitely try this.  The stonework is exquisite and detailed, and the recessed soap niche is a nice touch to the obelisk.

Check out this pool / rainforest / lake shower. Many concepts at once.  However it looks incredibly relaxing.  Great for meditation.

I quite like this although I’m not sure how practical this is. It reminds me of the monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey. I’m curious how this waterfall shower feels on the body.  It looks a bit too narrow of a stream, and I would probably get cold showering under this.

A black light shower with a rainfall showerhead in the ceiling. I’ve always wanted to have a rainfall shower in my home.  I really like this concept though – and there’s a hand sprayer if you need some flexibility.

This is a little over the top huh? This looks painful, but if you’re really dirty and need to get clean in a hurry then this is the ticket.  This guy must have amazing water pressure in his house…