Walk In Shower Ideas

A walk in shower is an amazing way to update a boring bathroom, and can be done easier than you think!  All you have to do is think creatively about the space you have.  These types of showers are seen as a bit more of a “luxury” shower as they tend to be larger and are often found in upscale hotels and resorts.  The open feel is invigorating and refreshing and can sometimes be a meditative experience.

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Additionally not dealing with a shower curtain can be nice as curtains can collect mildew and other gunk and need to be replaced often.  More and more they are seen as a bit unsanitary, and disposable shower curtains are seen as wasteful.

Walk In Shower Design Ideas

A low wall can reduce splashes and add privacy while still maintaining that open feel. Windows are another way to harness that openness.  Thinking about the material your shower will be constructed out of will also start narrowing down your options.  The material and color of your shower can have a large influence on the emotion your shower conveys, and the feel that it has.  Do you want modern and upscale or rustic and warm?  Dark or light?  These are important questions to ask before finalizing an idea.

Pros of Walk In Showers:[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • Luxurious, open feel
  • Lower maintenance without a shower curtain
  • Almost always custom designed
  • Easy accessibility for disabled persons
  • Adds value to a home[/tie_list]

Cons of Walk in Showers:[tie_list type=”thumbdown”]

  • Can be expensive
  • Need a large bathroom
  • Can be colder than enclosed showers
  • Less privacy when someone else is using the bathroom[/tie_list]

I love the feel of this rustic walk in shower, with dark tile. It’s a mountain town feel. There should be snow falling outside and a mug of cocoa waiting for me when I get out! The wood beams (re-purposed?) add a touch of warmth to the stone.  The small bench is a great idea (I think all showers should have a small bench) for soaps, sitting down to get hard to reach areas, and just meditating.

This completely open shower design is excellent for those looking for something modern yet different. Not much privacy, however, and I wonder if the humidity generated by the shower would affect the rest of the room.  I’m not sure I would want a shower in the middle of my bedroom.  I really do love these large rainfall showerheads that are recessed into the ceiling.  They seem incredibly relaxing and fun, however you must have enough room to escape the water to soap up and do things like shave or wash your face.

I love having a window to look out of when I’m in the shower…especially if it’s a view like this! If you have a high rise or a view over a forest then this shower idea is perfect.  I love this concept.  It also looks like the window can be opened.  It looks like an older building as well, meaning you can do this anywhere.

And now for something completely different! This “horizontal shower” is something I’ve never really encountered in real life. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this…would you want to try one of these? Seems like a good relaxation technique.

I love this shower! How lush and green it is. The ultimate walk in shower for those who want to relax.  This looks like a great haven for meditation and relaxation.  I can feel my stress melting away just looking at this picture.

Walk in to your shower directly from your bed with this top town rainfall shower effect!  This looks like a hotel room, and again I’m not sure that I would want the steam from the shower going into my room all the time.

This shower seems more like a car wash to me, but I like the concept. I bet your shower time would be greatly reduced with how efficient this would be.  You would definitely need some good water pressure in your house to utilize this shower space.  The open door option is a great way to feel free while you bathe.

Another lush walk in shower with some side faucets. I really like the ceiling combined with the concrete masonry. The green of the plant adds a splash of color that creates a lovely effect. I’m not sure how practical it is having the sink beyond the shower, however.  The concrete floor adds an industrial modern feel.  I love the wooden bamboo ceiling and the window at the end of the room.