Tile Shower Ideas

Tile showers can be an excellent update concept for an older bathroom that is getting shabby. Often you can put the tile directly over existing walls or fixtures.  Having an updated shower can go a long way in feeling good about where you live – it’s something you likely use most days, and feeling like you’re in a modern shower is a very nice feeling. I love going to expensive hotels and spas and showering in their modern open shower designs.  Why not have that spa-like feeling in your own home?  Even just updating a shower head can make a bathroom feel brand new.

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Tile Shower Pros And Cons:

Pros:[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • Adds a custom and luxury feel to your shower.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Versatile to more custom shapes and sizes.
  • Long lasting – tiles will hold up over time better than plastic or vinyl.
  • Adds value to your home.[/tie_list]

Cons:[tie_list type=”thumbdown”]

  • Expensive – especially custom tile, which can cost quite a bit of money.
  • Grout can be difficult to keep clean and free of mildew.
  • May not be appropriate for smaller showers.[/tie_list]

I really like this decorative tile / art concept. I also really like the benches. Benches in showers should be more prevalent – they make it easy to shave your legs and reach hard to get to areas.  It’s also relaxing to just sit and meditate for a bit in the shower.  Turn your shower into a spa!  The custom tilework is expensive but adds a lot of value to your home increasing its resale value, so in the end you do get a bit of payback for the expense.

The only downside to this design is that the grout is very wide, leaving a lot of space for mildew and dirt to accumulate.  Although it is attractive, it may be hard to keep this shower clean.

I’ve always been a fan of darker tile in showers and bathrooms. This tile shower idea is great in a dark brown / beige / stone.  The multiple shower heads also offer a spa-like experience.  I really like the recessed areas for soaps and other bottles.  This shower also features a seat, which I think adds that luxury touch.

Larger tiles reduce grout lines which can make cleaning a bit easier.

This gray tile shower is a great variation on the dark concept, with a more natural approach. The slate color is offset by the multicolor tile wall and black fixtures. The soap niche is a nice touch.  I also love the huge rainfall showerhead here – this shower certainly feels upscale, but it could be done for pennies on the dollar, especially if you’re up for a little DIY project.  If you even just added this showerhead to your current shower it could be a huge upgrade!

I really like the stonework here – and this can often be put directly on a wall with little effort. The deep blue interior shower tile is a great look, and the open concept makes it modern and refreshing.  The lighting is also important in a shower like this.  I’m wondering if the top down lights might be a little harsh – a wall sconce would be a great addition to this bathroom.  But the river slate wall designs are very upscale.

This design looks more expensive than it is, as you can mimic this with faux stonework on the walls and keep a vinyl shower base to enhance cleanliness and save a bit of money. A vinyl base is also more easily replaced in the event that the floor is damaged by something falling on it.

This pebble style shower look is a nice touch, but I love the way the tiles are offset and look “natural” and not overly styled.  The marble corner shelves add a touch of luxury, and the glass doors are also an excellent way to make the shower feel larger than it is.  A full glass door is a great way to make smaller bathrooms feel larger, and it’s a cheap way to also update the look of your bathroom.  The gray grout is a unique touch and may do better when masking stains from mildew or hard water or dirt.

In conclusion, having a tile shower is certainly a luxury, but because of the added value to your home it might be worth it!  Tile showers are always much more attractive than vinyl showers and the shower is something you use (generally) every day.  Spending a bit extra on a daily driver can be well worth your time and money.