Lamps For Your Home

Are you looking for lamps for your home?  This is one of the most fun and customizable aspects of your house or apartment.  Lamps can fit any style of decor, from rustic DIY wood lamps to vintage mid-century modern.  They can hang from the walls or sit on a table.  Floor lamps are also very popular these days.  A new lamp can totally change the character of a room, or compliment how the room already looks.  Lamps are one of my favorite and most versatile decorating tools – something that is often an afterthought should be given more consideration!

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The best way to figure out some new lighting for your rooms is to look at some inspirational ideas!  That’s where this article will hopefully come in handy.

Modern And Contemporary Lamps

Modern lamps are sometimes more metallic, with hard edges and bold features.  Although design is very subjective, modern lamps can sometimes go with any style of room depending on what material the lamp is made out of.  Contemporary lamps can feature one or more bulbs, and have a creative array of lampshades – from naked to classic.  Art Deco can fit into this category, with bold shapes and unusual designs.  The pros here are uniqueness, wow factor, and creativity.  The cons can sometimes involve finding a certain type of bulb for lamps that have a very rare shape.

Classic Lamps

Classic lamps can range from in the modern category to mid-century modern.  When you think of a classic lamp you often think of the basic stand, bulb, and tapered lampshade.  These are perfect for more classic looking rooms, or those who just need a lamp to go with their side or end table.

Classic lamps can go on tables or stand alone as a floor lamp.  Before picking a lamp, think about where it will be placed in the room.  Floor lamps allow for more space on side and end tables, and can be more versatile with placement.

The type of lamp shades that go with classic lamps are often paired with more modern bases, which can be an interesting design choice.

Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps provide that all important light for reading and other bedtime activities.  Before deciding on a bedside lamp, take a look at how much room you have on your nightstand or other area.  Another option is a lamp that installs on the wall, which gives you more space on your night table.  A lampshade on this type of lamp should be important as you don’t want harsh light right before bed.  Warm or soft light bulbs are also better than cool lights.

The one thing that you don’t want to do is get a large lamp that will overpower your bedside table or nightstand.  Not only will this be annoying but it will look a bit lopsided and strange.  You also won’t be able to put thinks on your nightstand!  And if you’re like me, you’ll want several books, an alarm clock, your phone, and more.

Edison Lamps

These popular vintage / retro lamps use a naked incandescent bulb.  They can be seen in modern floor fixtures, hanging lights, or wall sconces.  These are very popular right now and can be a very cool upgrade to a room or home that needs a bit of a refresh.  Lamps are a cheap way to brighten (haha) a room or refresh the style without doing a lot.

These intricate edison bulbs can almost go by themselves without a lamp because of their fascinating and decorative filaments.  I am a  huge fan of these types of lamps and they can also fit into a variety of decoration styles, from rustic and old fashioned to modern and contemporary.  Their versatile nature has made them very popular.

The best thing about these lamps is that they aren’t overly expensive but they just “look” expensive and intricate.  A great way to add some flair to any room you want!

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an obvious choice if you need some extra light in a room but you’re short on space to put them.  Floor lamps are really versatile and are limited only by where your power outlets are located – however a good extension cord can solve that problem.  Just don’t overload extension cords!  A popular style of floor lamp is also the tower lamp, which are wider and boxier.

These types of lamps can be very elegant and provide a bit of a luxury flair to your room, and can serve as decoration pieces just on their own!