Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are all the rage right now.  Giving a rustic and repurposed feel to any home or apartment, these unique and decorative doors can be suspended on tracks so they can slide side to side rather than open and shut outwards.  It’s very popular to use actual doors from older barns and homes to give a unique and authentic flavor.  They can be painted to be modern or simply finished to retain their original look.

Courtesy iStockPhoto

A Great DIY Project

Installing interior barn doors can be a great DIY project that most people can accomplish with a little help.  The hardest part would be transporting and raising the door onto the tracks, which might be a job for two or more people depending on the size of the door.  You’ll just need to choose the sliding hardware, which can range from very basic to extremely creative and decorative.  Check out the heavy industrial look of these rollers and sliding hardware:

The sliding hardware can be out in the open or recessed along the track.  This is a decision you’ll have to make as the DIY designer.

Vintage Or Modern

Sliding barn doors range from vintage authentic pieces to modern and sleek.  Some people even use giant paintings and art as their sliding door.  White is a popular stain color for modern houses and houses with a more white finish.  The color and finish style can greatly influence the look and feel of your doors as well as the house as a whole, so spend some time thinking about what you want to go for and the unified look that you want to end up with.

Get Creative

Since these sliding doors don’t rely on traditional hinges to fit the door niche, you can get creative with the doorway openings.  They can be slightly smaller than the door, and even take advantage of a creative arch shape.  I also really like the hardware in this piece that mimics the archway shape:

Oftentimes these interior barn doors are not designed to be closed very often, but provide some creative decor, as in this entrance.  In this case it breaks up the entryway so that it’s not so plain and sparse, which is a great option to add some tasteful detailing to your home’s larger entrances.

They also save space for larger doorways where you might not want to have a door swinging all the way outward:

Not Just For Rooms

Interior barn doors can be creatively used as window coverings or closet doors.  These creative uses really go outside the box.  If you can’t install one for your doorways, then using these ideas can still give you that rustic feel for your home or apartment.  Some people even use them to hide entertainment center niches.  Check out these closet barn doors and these window barn doors for some inspiration.  Even if the doors stay open most of the time, the change to the look and feel is enormous and can really upgrade your room from drab to dramatic.

Check out how this family installed sliding doors as window coverings!  This is an excellent idea even if you don’t ever close them (although they could work excellently as blackout coverings for afternoon naps or those with light sensitivity or that need to sleep during the day).

These barn doors covering the television are a great idea and offer a truly rustic look to tone down the technology area of the room to something a little more low key.

These folks remodeled an otherwise very boring laundry room with a simple DIY barn door to replace the ugly closet door they had for their soaps and other items.  This is a very simple project and you can see that the results are completely worth it!  If your home needs a refresh, then this is one idea that could definitely go a long way in terms of changing the look and feel of a space.

This door looks simple enough to have been a DIY project – all you would need to do is stain the wood and fashion it into a door by nailing the boards to the crossbeams.  Then all you would have to do is install the sliding hardware which is not too difficult. The hardest part here was probably installing it into the cinderblock wall, which can be a bit challenging but not impossible for those with slightly less experience.  Now all they have to do in this situation is repaint the walls – that cream yellow is NOT appealing! 🙂