Indoor And Outdoor Doghouse Ideas

Do you have a furry family member who needs his or her own space?  Doghouses have been the traditional “main” den for dogs for years.  However, since most dogs are now indoor dogs only, the doghouse has moved indoors and been replaced by the crate.  Whether wire or wood or plastic, these “houses” can be a bit unsightly and take up too much room especially in a smaller house or apartment.

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People have become very creative with indoor and outdoor dog houses, creating some very elaborate or luxurious places for their favorite family member.  Let’s take a look at some of these popular ideas, and hopefully give you some inspiration for a place for your pup to call his own.

Under The Stairs Doghouse

An under the stairs closet has become a popular place for a cute doghouse.  This is a perfect out of the way place for your dog – it won’t take up room in your house and it will give your dog a den to hang out in.  Some people have really customized these under the stairway dog dens, with built in bowls and even installed lighting.

Some people build an optional door so that the room can double as a crate if you are someone who crates your dog when you are away.  Some of these doors look like normal doors with small doggy doors built in for extra privacy.  Some of them are more kennel-like and are simply wire.  Still others are ornate, such as sliding barn doors.

A lot of people have taken to seriously decorating these dog rooms with custom paint jobs, sconce wall lights, and custom beds as well.  Even little windows in the door is a cute addition.

Outdoor Dog Cabana

If your dog spends some time outside, then a custom doghouse for the outdoors is the way to go, especially if you’re short on room indoors.  Some people like to make these outdoor spaces very elaborate and “human” like, with features such as lamps, custom barn doors, and fancy stairways to an upstairs overlook.

The fun thing about the outdoor dog cabana is that you usually have a bit more room to play around with and get creative.  Some of my favorite dog clubhouses are two stories, offering a place for your dog to lay out and sun himself as well as get out of the elements if he wants to.

Another great idea is an umbrella to provide shade and add some pizzaz.  A patch of sand could make it into a beach house!

A lot of people add to the outdoor doghouse with nice landscaping that suits the building, such as a small patch of flowers or hedging.  If your dog is a digger, though, then this might not be such a great idea.

Luxury Dog Crates

Luxury dog crates are a great idea if you don’t have a space under a stairwell for a room.  Some of these dog crates double as nice-looking side tables.  This can allow you to make double usage of space in a smaller apartment.

Even if you don’t use them as a table, these wood and wire kennels are much nicer looking than regular wire crates.

Another idea for a luxury dog crate is to integrate the crate into a closet or shelving storage unit.  This way you can still save space in a smaller home or apartment.

Luxury Dog Mansions

Some people have gone really over the top and have created dog mansions that might even be nicer than a lot of people’s real houses!  Some people have made two story indoor spaces that look like mini houses that a kid might have to play with.  Some of them even have porches and pools!  One person made their dog a “bar” for food and water.

If you have some time and a hankering for a great DIY project, then making one of these dog mansions could be a super fun project.  They actually don’t have to be extremely expensive – just well planned.

Some people have taken to building small dog friendly replicas of their own houses, which is pretty funny.

Make Your Dog Comfortable

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your dog always has a warm bed and water available at all times.  This is really the most important part.  If you live in a very cold area it might be a good idea to build your doghouse with insulation and a dog door so that your dog can conserve his body heat.