How to Clean Formica Kitchen Cabinets: 5 Simple Steps

How To Clean Formica Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever seen how shiny and new Formica kitchen cabinets are? To maintain the look of your laminate cabinets, it is important to clean them regularly. Here are 5 simple steps on how to do so! This article also doubles for use on Formica countertops.

Formica is a common material that is used for kitchen cabinets. While it is a durable material, there are instances when cleaning them becomes necessary.

It’s actually pretty simple and easy to clean Formica, and the only thing you really have to worry about is scratching the material. You also don’t want to use any bizarre chemicals – simple is best. Just grab a clean cloth and some dish soap and you’ll be on your way.

Don’t use rough materials or abrasive cleaners to clean Formica kitchen cabinets because it can do more harm than good. Make sure that you are using a soft cloth or sponge for this part of the cleaning process.

1) Remove any large pieces of food or other debris from the surface.

This will make your cleaning job much easier. Leaving large pieces of food on the cabinets can also leave a stain or grease spot.

2) Mix one cup of dish soap and two cups of warm water in a bowl and stir until fully mixed

Simple dish detergent is gentle and doesn’t contain any staining or abrasive materials. Don’t use coarse powdered cleansers such as Bon Ami or Comet. If you are short on supplies, window cleaner or just plain white vinegar can do the job as well.

3) Dip a soft damp cloth into the mixture and wipe down all surfaces gently but thoroughly.

Remember not to scrub too hard or you could risk scratching any surfaces. Using a circular motion will reduce the chance of leaving line scratches or other marks in the cabinets that can be noticable.

4) Wipe over remaining surfaces with dry paper towels as this will absorb any excess moisture that may remain on the surface, which could cause staining or raising of the Formica.

You don’t want to leave Formica wet because moisture can cause the Formica to warp. You can also use a soft absorbent towel for this job as well.

5) When the cabinet frames are clean, dry them with a soft towel and also wipe down any glass surfaces.

Remember – only use soft towels or sponges! No abrasive or scratchy materials.

These steps will help you clean your Formica kitchen cabinets without much effort involved. It is very important that you not let your cabinets become dirty or smudgy because it can make your whole kitchen look bad! Clean laminate cabinets can make a huge difference in the entire look of your space.

Formica FAQ

When was Formica invented?

Formica was invented in the US back in 1905 by a scientist named Fredrik Idestam. The company that he started, eventually got bought out and has been going strong ever since!

Is Formica waterproof?

Luckily, yes! Formica is waterproof. You won’t have to worry about spilling anything on it and ruining your cabinets.

Is Formica affordable?

Yes! Formica cabinets are very affordable. You won’t have to break the bank when you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets.

Can you repair damage to Formica?

Yes! Formica can be repaired, which is nice if you do end up with some dings and scratches on your cabinets. Simply use a special waterproof filler and you should be good as new.