Girls Make Believe Fantasy Bedroom Ideas

As a little girl do you remember always wanting to pretend that you were a princess in a fairy tale?  I remember making my room into a castle and pretending that I was high up in a tower looking down on my kingdom.  If you have little girls then you might want to build their room just for this.  Encourage their imaginations!  This is even more important than ever in these days of screen time and video games.  Get them interested in make believe play and it will encourage the growth of their imaginations.  Here are a few ideas for girls fantasy bedroom decorations and furniture that would totally floor your kids.

Image Courtesy iStockPhoto

Decide On A Color Scheme

Does your little girl have a favorite color?  Starting here can guide you the rest of the way and ensure that the room isn’t all over the place in terms of color.  A lot of little girls are into pinks, purples, and yellows, although blue is also a favorite of a lot of girls.  Once you have the color you can then figure out what furniture and decor might look best.  The previous picture went with a pink and white overall theme and kept it very princess themed.

Favorite Movies

Does your daughter have a favorite movie such as Frozen or Snow White?  This can also give you a starting point once you have the color picked out (although some movies definitely have their own color scheme, it can still be flexible!).  Having a favorite movie as a starting point is helpful because you can base the style off of ready-to-go pieces that might be made just for fans of the movie.  This room has a Frozen themed wall mural, which is an easy way to transform a room into another place.

DIY Or Premade?

Do you want to DIY your child’s room?  You can do it without spending an arm and a leg – all you need is a bit of creativity!  However some people get really into it.  Check out this bed that looks like it has been carved from trees.  I would have LOVED this when I was a kid – and this is unisex too (although boys might not want such a fairy tale type thing, it’s very dependent on each child! We don’t pigeonhole genders here).

Sometimes DIY furniture can look much better than premade furniture from a factory, especially if you’re going for a fairy-tale aesthetic.  But there’s no reason you can’t combine the two.  Perhaps you could redo a bunk bed into a castle loft, or turn a dresser into a pirate treasure chest.  The sky is truly the limit if you can get a bit creative!  If you get stuck, ask your kids to help out!  They almost always see the world slightly differently from most of us 🙂

The domed ceiling painted to look like a sky and the mural on the wall behind the bed really make this room come alive.  Check out the little birdhouse hanging from the branches as well!  This is truly a work of art.  Whoever built this for their child is truly a master.

Build It With Your Child

Perhaps the most fun way to re-decorate your child’s room is to do it with your child!  This can be a fun and great bonding experience for the both of you.  Instead of just deciding for them, allow them to help with selection and design!  Even if it’s not “picture perfect” it will be something they can feel a sense of accomplishment over.  Designing a room is a big deal to a child!  Let them have some impact on the finished outcome!

Allow them to pick out the theme and colors, and then let them assist in picking out furniture pieces that they might like.  If you’re worried that they will pick something totally weird, just give them a few options to steer them in the right direction.  While building the room, give them simple jobs to do so they really feel like they are helping out.  As a kid I used to love stuff like this – helping my dad build was a great joy and a perfect bonding experience.

Covered Beds Are Where It’s At

Children love covered areas that feel like forts – they feel safe and it’s fun!  Why not build them a bed that allows them to feel like they are always on an adventure?  Bonus points for making bedtimes a bit easier – at least for a little while!  😉