6 DIY Pantry Organization Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Your pantry could very quickly turn to a disaster space if you aren’t careful. From forgotten things like half-empty chip bags to a hodgepodge of food containers, everything can make you feel annoyed when looking for the right ingredients to cook. Here are 10 creative and clever ideas for pantry organization to help you save your time and effort.

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Remember – do what works for you and your household!  And don’t feel that you must do all of these of course, usually one or two will suffice!

1. Use clear jars and containers

The simplest and quickest way to organize the pantry and make it always look tidy and neat is to transfer all food items into clear containers. This will allow you to store them easily on the countertop or open shelving and be able to see what is inside for easy access – you don’t want to be opening lots of containers just to find the almonds!  More importantly, items such as dried fruits, small snacks, nuts, seeds, and flour can look fantastic when they are displayed in glass jars – it almost becomes a work of art in and of itself. To make it even better, you can label each jar with a pain pen or colored Sharpie.

2. Store in the cabinets

When it comes to a pantry, many people often think of a small separate area which is off the kitchen to keep food. However, you could make use of any extra cabinets or drawers for the same purpose. Just select a set of the top or bottom drawers, then label them by the items that you are storing in them. This will give you more freedom and space in your cooking area.

3. Set up open shelving

If your kitchen is narrow and small, then open shelving can be a great option to organize your pantry. When installing make sure to keep your shelving and walls in neutral tones such as light blue, white, and grey as they work well in confined spaces. Also, use similar or matching bins, baskets, and jars to hold these pantry items. This can be pleasing to your eyes and make everything look tidy and neat.  For best results, coordinate your containers and colors for a more unified and intentional look, otherwise it could end up looking cluttered.  The challenge with open shelving is keeping things neat and tidy so that it doesn’t look like a mess – this can be tricky for people in the household who are more OCD.

4. Install a pegboard

Pegboards are one of the most popular options for pantry organizers because they make it easier to reach everything while still maintaining a tidy and neat look in the kitchen. You could hang cooking items and utensils together to keep them organized without rummaging around in a drawer. Also, they can free up your counter space. Compared to other options, pegboards are typically affordable, easy to set up and can fit in any types of décor.  You could make the pegboard any color you want to compliment any sort of kitchen design.  Black pegboards may look more fancy, and wood or white pegboards would look more rustic.  Pegboards also offer a great homey and old fashioned aesthetic that can be quite charming.  Kids love them as well.

5. Have a cart

If you are working with confined kitchen space, then you can use a cart to make the pantry more functional. Move all the items and tools that you often use into a cart. This will allow for easy access and free up more space for storing other things in the pantry.

The best thing about carts is that you can move them if you have to!  If you’re having a party for instance and need more space, then putting the cart in a closet or spare room can be just the ticket.  Keep strict rules about what goes on the cart so that it doesn’t end up getting cluttered with things.

6. Establish door storage

A great storage area for those items which you often use and need easy access is the inside of your cabinet door. Thus, you can make use of this area to keep anything which isn’t too bulky, such as cooking tools, school snacks, freezer bags, or spices. This can be a very simple DIY project which can be done in a weeknight or a weekend with an over-the-door storage solution and some essential tools.

Having an organized kitchen and pantry is a huge weight off of your shoulders.  It can make your kitchen feel new just to have even one or two small organization tips implemented!  Make a goal for yourself to stick to new organization methods and don’t fall back into old habits of just shoving things in drawers and behind counters!