Creative Design Tips for Your Swimming Pool

Picking the best design options for your swimming pool can often be difficult, time-consuming, and even frustrating. With so many different choices to consider, from the actual shape of your pool to the tiling and water features, it can sometimes feel almost impossible to find the perfect combination of decisions!

Luckily, there are some simple tips that you can stick to give your pool a unique, creative, and fun atmosphere. Here are the five best ways to guarantee a bit of excitement with your poolside activities!

Deciding the Shape

The first design choice to consider for your swimming pool is also the most basic and essential: How it will be shaped. Your pool’s shape is ultimately going to depend on factors such as the size, what your design goals are, and personal preference.

Rectangular pools are often a great choice if you’re looking for a more classic style or use the pool for utilitarian purposes such as swimming laps. One of the strongest qualities of a rectangle pool is that it can have an almost chameleon-like effect and fit in perfectly with a wide variety of settings.

Alternatively, you might decide to go for kidney-shaped pool, which has the major advantage of working well with yards of any size. Another great choice is a round pool, as this shape has a certain unconventional attitude and distinctive charm to it.

In any case, the most important thing to remember is to choose a design that meets your needs and reflects your own personality!

Adding Water Features

One fantastic way to contribute to your pool’s atmosphere while also giving it a little extra bit of personality is to add some water features. And fortunately, there are several to choose from!

A great water feature that many people like to incorporate into their pool is a waterfall.

Waterfalls can help give a nice, soothing mood to the pool while also looking impressive and even beautiful. On top of that, it’s possible to choose the sound you want the waterfall to have, whether it be a gentle rainfall or a torrent of a rushing stream.

A waterfall isn’t the only water feature you can incorporate. Many people prefer to use small fountains, for example, which can have a wide range of aesthetics, from rugged to elegant.

Try looking at different water feature designs online and see what piques your creative interest!

Giving it a Natural Feel

If your preference is that your pool transports you into a more natural, escapist setting, then you’re not alone! The possibilities for a natural atmosphere and tone are practically endless and can be used in your own unique combination to reflect the qualities you’re looking for.

A common and very effective way to create this effect is to utilize stones and rocks along the outside of the pool and surround it with a scenic feeling. Many people also like to add diverse plant life, including beautiful grasses, lily pads, vines, and trees.

If you’re having trouble with this step, try homing in on a specific theme you want the setting to embody, such as an oasis, a tropical paradise, or a jungle.

Styling the Tiles

The design of your pool tiles is a small yet crucial way to really perfect the ambience! While not the most striking or instantly noticeable features, the tiles leave a lasting impression and help bring your ideas to life.

Glass mosaics are a common choice, and for good reason! These tiles have a stunning effect with the way they reflect the sunlight and often imitate the colors of an ocean; there’s really no way to go wrong with them if you choose this design.

However, if you’re going for a more down-to-earth look, stone tiles are among the best choices and can have a great impact.

And, if you want to prevent heat absorption, porcelain tiles should probably be one of your top choices!

Focusing on the Details

Lastly, there are a number of often overlooked (but no less important!) details that can help you perfect your pool design.

The type of night lighting that you choose, for instance, might allow for an atmospheric glow or a fun, playful energy. Or maybe you want to think about the seating arrangement ahead of time, as it’s common to have to scramble to work this out at the end of the design process.

These details can go a long way and you should make sure to factor them into your decisions, even if they seem unimportant or trivial at the time!