Country Cottage Decorating Ideas And DIY

Do you have a country cottage that you like to take vacations in?  Perhaps you don’t have a cottage but you want your current home or apartment to have that chic appearance of a weekend getaway.  Nothing is cozier than some country cottage decor and cheer.  There are a lot of design aesthetics to choose from when you go this direction – you could go traditional with wood grain touches, or you can go modern with bold colors or an all-white vintage look.  Whatever you choose, here are some great tips and tricks for you when taking that step towards upgrading your current decor.

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Start With Color

A good place to start when dealing with a decorating project is to figure out what colors you’d like to use.  Starting with one basic color and one accent color is a great way to go.  Checking out Pantone and other color combination charts or browsing through pictures might give you the inspiration that you are looking for.  My personal favorite when dealing with country cottages is to go with white and wood.  This is a classic combo that you can’t really go wrong with – it stands the test of time and it’s also easy to find accent pieces that match this.  However, this is YOUR design and you must choose something that you will be happy with.

Check out the light unfinished pine with the white bedroom furniture here.  The red accent pillow really pops!  Doesn’t this look so cozy and inviting?  I really like the light and open style of this room – I can see myself totally relaxing here.  The tiny port window is a super cute touch as well.  The birch log lamp also accents the wood very nicely and pairs well with the white furniture.  I’m not really a fan of the pastel blue, however, I would stick with white and throw one accent color on.

Pick A Design Aesthetic

Country cottages typically tend towards a shabby chic and vintage look.  But you don’t have to stick with that!  A midcentury modern aesthetic could be a great departure from traditional norms, and be a really neat way to spice up an otherwise boring cottage.  Or, even just basic modern could be very cool to do with a country flair.  I quite like the “mad men” appearance of midcentury modern, and it’s something that you don’t see a lot of when it comes to cottages, cabins, and vacation rentals.

Midcentury modern is coming back with a vengeance.  This concept home really takes it up a notch, although I’m not quite sure what that bed is doing there in the living room.  I really love the windows in these two houses.  I’m convinced I want my next house to have an entire wall of windows.  It makes the space seem incredibly open, and if you’re next to a forest or other nice landscape then this is a must-do.  Don’t shut out the outdoors with walls!

Consider Re-Doing the Floors

If your cottage has tired and old carpeting, consider ripping it up and adding some rustic wood flooring.  There is either naked wood underneath the carpet or you can add some laminate wood to spice things up and give it an overall upgraded appearance.  Upgrading the floors in a home makes an enormous difference – it’s probably one of the biggest influences on the feel of a home aside from wall color and windows.

I really like the look of wide plank wood flooring.  This gives your cottage a rustic look and it can be done without breaking the bank.  You can also choose an array of colors and finishes to top it off – from reclaimed naked wood to white and refined.  Personally I am a fan of the reclaimed wood appearance of floors and flooring.

Look at the polished wide plank floors in this cabin contrasted with the white walls and modern furniture.  The minimal yet warm design is very appealing.  It is a small and odd space to work with but these folks did an amazing job with it.

Despite the modern furniture, the reclaimed table adds a country feel to the harder edges of the other furniture.  The white walls allow for bright accents to stand out among the other muted tones.  I also really love that large open door to the porch.

What Are Your Favorites?

What are your favorite design aesthetics when it comes to decorating a country cottage?  Do you like modern or traditional?  Take a moment and leave a comment below and thank you for reading 🙂