Charming Beach Cottage Decor Ideas

Beach cottages are just a pleasure – they are simple, warm, and the beachy decor evokes memories of lazy summers filled with salt, sand, and ice cream.  No matter what you’re looking to do – create your own beach cottage hideaway in the middle of the desert or looking to simply find a beach cottage to rent, here are some of our favorite beach cottage ideas and trends.

Crescent Beach, WA

The Pacific Northwest in the summertime can be a great place to relax and get away from the crowds.  This cute cottage that’s available for rent has a ton of cute design decisions.  Check out this tiny house trailer that’s in the backyard!

The actual cottage itself sits on a sizable parcel of land so you’ll never feel like it’s too crowded – one of my personal requirements for any beach cottage situation.  Additionally the interior decor is a very rustic beach look combined with that Pacific Northwest woodsy feel.  This is a bit different than your average So Cal or East Coast beach cottage, and that’s what makes it charming.

Montauk NY

Montauk NY is the quintessential beach town on the east coast.  Although it has since become a bit more popular than in times past, Montauk still retains a lot of it’s “Un-Hampton” blue collar beach town vibe, creating an area of more authentic and classic “beach cottages” that you can rent or buy.

Check out this tiny cottage that you can rent to get away from it all.  This place is a gem of times gone by, and is rustic as all getout.

Can you imagine sitting down here after a great surf session at Ditch Plains and pouring yourself a small glass of wine from the wine and liquor bar and cuddling up with your special someone to watch a movie and enjoy the evening?  What a relaxing time!

Brookhaven NY

Another Long Island beach town without all the glitz and glamour, Brookhaven is a great spot to get away for the weekend.  This is an excellent option for East Coasters or NYC dwellers who don’t want to drive all the way out to the Hamptons.  Brookhaven is cheaper and more down to earth than the Hamptons area, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that you can’t have it all!  Check out this adorable rental that just screams fun.

How cute is this kitchen?  The vaulted pine ceiling and granite countertops make this a fantastic place to cook a huge BBQ and entertain guests or a family.

A gabled porch and orange door complete this adorable cottage that has room for quite a few people!  Just a short walk to the ocean completes this cottage with the uneven vaulted roof.

Key West, FL

Key West is an idyllic island in the Caribbean that offers a great getaway in a tropical location.  Great for year round trips, Key West has white sand beaches and clear blue water.  Check out this cute as a button but upscale beach cottage that has a more refined aesthetic.

Check out the luxurious glossy hardwood floors and the beachy yet refined furniture and design aesthetic.  This place is lux without being too much or over the top.  Relaxing yet refined.

This adorable porch swing adds so much homey charm to this cottage, and the tropical foliage is a bit more than you find at typical beach cottages.  The foliage provides privacy and a touch of opulence.