Bunk Bed Ideas

What kids don’t love a good bunk bed?  This classic style of room furniture is always a favorite – even among some adults!  For space saving and fun, you really can’t beat bunk beds.  Bunks have also become a lot more creative recently.  Check out some of these ideas for some bunk bed inspiration!

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There are many advantages to bunk beds.  You can save space by sleeping two or more in one room.  You can store things under a loft bed or even put a desk under a loft!  And bunk beds make putting the kids to bed easier as kids tend to be more excited about bunk beds than regular beds.

Bunk beds are also great options for smaller vacation cottages or rentals – whether you own or rent out to others.  You can advertise more beds for your unit to possible renters if you can throw in a few bunk beds.  They are also great for camps as well, and everyone knows that colleges often use bunk beds in the dorms.

What Are Bunk Beds?

Technically speaking, bunk beds are the style of any type of bed that stands on top of each other. They are supported by a pole in each corner (sometimes), and the upper bed is usually accessible through the ladder or a type of stairway. The upper bunk is generally surrounded by railings to prevent falling.  Bunk beds come in many different varieties.  Some are even triple bunks!

They are usually used in the following places:

  • Apartments and Studio Apartments
  • Kid’s rooms
  • Hostels
  • Dorm rooms
  • Camps
  • Summer cabins

These beds are ideal for children, students and people living in small rooms. Children’s rooms are very small compared to the rooms for adults, and sometimes houses don’t have enough rooms for each individual child to have their own room. Thankfully kids see bunk beds as a kind of adventure, and love to use them.  As a kid I never had a need for a bunk bed, but BOY did I want one!

There are many things that a child can do with a bunk bed which they can not do with a simple bed.  It’s a social thing and it’s a “fort” thing–kids love to climb things, and kids also like small spaces.  The bunk bed provides both – for those who like to climb the top bunk is the best.  For those who like small spaces, the bottom bunk is like a cozy den.

A bunk bed can be useful in children’s rooms because it can add space as well. For those who need to share a room, they save space for other furniture and toys.

Apart from this, they can be great for students and people living in a small apartment. Multi-level space savings can be a great option for students who require roommates, including people living in a studio.  If someone is renting a room in a house, for instance, and still wants a quiet space for their desk, a loft bed is a perfectly ideal solution.

Additionally, if someone is living in a very high rent area and has to make use of a small studio apartment, then a loft bed can be an extremely useful space saver.  Some adults want no part of this, however others might love the chance to entertain their “child” side and climb up into a treehouse-like loft bed.

Bunk and loft prices can vary; you can find affordable models that are usually made of metal, solid plastic or softwood frames. Alternatively, more expensive models are available which will be more durable because they are made from hardwood.  The most expensive loft beds would be those that are custom made by a woodworker, however if you DIY then the prices might only be for the hardware and materials.

Types of bunk beds:

Standard bunk beds – Standard bunk beds are the most popular and have two beds, each of which is arranged on top of each other with the same size mattress. Standard bunk beds are usually used for twin sized children’s beds.

Twin Over Full – Twin Over Full is set as standard, but as the name suggests, it has a full-size mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the upper bunk.

Futon Bunk – Organized like a standard bed, but with a Western futon sofa which turns down into a bed. These bunk beds are ideal for small apartments or studios because the lower part can be used as a sofa during the day.

Loft Bed– Loft Bed has only one upper bed, which is used to make the space below, which can be used for other furnitures, such as sofa, desk or drawer chest. Some of the attic beds are equipped with amenities such as a storage envelope or a built-in work station.

Triple Bunk Bed – A place where a pair of standard bunk beds is attached to a bed in the attic, with a total of three bunks. The attic bed is attached so that it is at the right angle on other beds, from which there is an L-shape look above.

Bunk beds are a great option for anyone looking for more space in bunk rooms. Various storage options are available in different types of styles, sizes, and colors.