Amazing Gazebo Ideas

Do you want to add a gazebo to your yard?  These timeless pieces of architecture are a great way to add character to a yard without having to do a lot.  They can quickly spruce up a plain yard and add the appearance of wealth and luxury without breaking the bank.  Gazebos can also be a great DIY project if you have the time!  Let’s jump in and take a look at some design inspiration from around the globe!

Image courtesy iStockPhoto

History Of The Gazebo

Gazebos have been popular structures for centuries.  With an open design allowing views of the surroundings but protection from the sun and rain, gazebos are popular in parks, fields, yards, and other open spaces.  They area also known more or less popularly as pavilions, pergolas, pagodas, and arbors.

The first iterations of gazebo like structures dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.  Greeks built gazebos out of marble and placed them in public places such as parks and city squares.  In China and Japan gazebos were often built of wood and were host to important and formal ceremonies.

In more modern times gazebos can often be found in parks providing both shade as well as an area for entertainment such as a band.  Gazebos are also often found in private yards as a luxurious touch to break up the landscape.

Gazebo Ideas

When choosing a gazebo for your home or other space, there are a few things to decide on first before taking any further steps.  First you need to think about how much space you have and how the gazebo would fit.  You don’t want to have an overly large gazebo taking up most of a small yard – a small two person gazebo might fit better in such case.  Don’t overpower your space with a large gazebo – it must complement the yard and be proportionate.

Mini Gazebos

A small or mini gazebo could be the perfect addition to a smaller yard.  If you have a half acre then this could definitely be the perfect size.  Something that could fit about 2 deck chairs and still provide some shade and add a unique flavor to the yard would be perfect – whether you want to add a built in bench or simply add your own table and chairs like this perfectly cute little gazebo:


When westerners think of gazebos they often think of wooden structures.  This is the most popular style and in my opinion the best looking.  Whether unfinished or painted, wood creates a warmth to the structure that metal doesn’t seem to provide.

Many gazebos are sold in kits where you can build them yourself but you don’t necessarily have to do a lot of wood cutting.  This can be a good halfway point between buying one that is already constructed and completely doing it yourself.

Some gazebos are made of vinyl, giving them a bit of an easier maintenance than wood and are also potentially longer lasting.

With Or Without A Floor?

Gazebos sometimes have a raised deck floor, and other times the gazebo is freestanding on the ground supported only by a few pillars.  It truly depends on what you want and the look and feel you’re going for.

If you decide to go with a freestanding gazebo, then you will have to decide if you want bare ground as the floor or you want a patio surface of some sort.  This freestanding gazebo has a concrete and stonework floor underneath.

This minimal gazebo has nothing underneath but grass.  However, it could be difficult to maintain grass in the gazebo due to high traffic and lack of sunshine.  Despite the fact that I love this lush carpet of grass, it may not be practical.  If you have artificial turf, however, this might be more doable.

Getting Creative

If you want to think outside the box with your gazebo you can have a lot of fun with some creative ideas!  Why stop at a few chairs?  Why not integrate your gazebo into your other yard amenities such as your hot tub, pond, or pool?

I love this gazebo that integrates the hot tub but has a space for a small bar area.  The hanging plants add the perfect touch of green and color.  I also love how they left the wood natural.

Here’s another take on the hot tub gazebo with a bar idea, this one with a swinging window.  This gazebo could give the hot tub some protection in colder temperatures if you don’t want the hot tub out in the open all the time.  The gazebo also offers protection from the elements and could keep the hot tub clean.

If you also need some protection from bugs then applying screens to your gazebo is another idea.  This may not be practical for larger or more open gazebos, so it depends on what style you choose.

My favorite design of all is integrating a gazebo with a water feature such as a pond or pool.  A koi pond makes a gazebo a wonderful and relaxing getaway.  Check out this gazebo that is purposefully integrated with this water landscaping design.  You don’t need a huge yard for this, either!