5 Latin Quotes To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Latin, long considered a “dead” language, since it has evolved into the commonly known Romance languages of Italian, Spanish, French, and Portugese. It is however, kept alive by scholars, and even though it is not used in daily language, it is common in scientific literature and taught at many universities and even at the high school level in many places.

There are so many Latin quotes that give a sense of hope, encouragement, and wisdom, and are very relevant in this modern world. Here are 5 for you to use in times of stress or anxiety. Most of us are on an intentional or passive road to self-improvement, so go ahead and use some ancient advice to help you along the path.

  1. ipsa scientia potestas est Knowledge itself is power.

Nobody likes feeling like they are in the dark about something. We can feel inferior if it seems like another has the upper hand because they have more information about a topic. A goal of constant learning and knowledge will give you an edge in conversation, work, and all personal interactions.

  1. perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.

Pain stinks. Nobody in their right mind seeks it out, but it is, for everyone, a part of life. From birth we encounter physical and emotional pain in our lives, from diaper rash, to falling and skinning a knee; from the pain of a teenage breakup to the heartbreak of the death of a loved one. This advice reassures us that although the pain is difficult, we can learn and grow through it and it can at some point, in some way, serve us.

  1. per aspera ad astra! Through difficulties to the stars!

Difficulties can make you learn and grow; if you take the lessons from them, who knows what you can accomplish!

  1. dum vita est spes est While there’s life, there’s hope

Believe that good things will come, and they will!

  1. sedit qui timuit ne non succederet. He who feared he would not succeed sat still.

Fear can make us all freeze, and fear of failure is no exception. With no action, nothing can happen, so in a way, inaction becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy for failure. But the things that can be accomplished by taking action! The path is not always clear- well, it is hardly ever clear! But taking those first steps can lead to wonderful things.

Keeping these phrases in mind and heart can help you through times of stress and anxiety, and when you feel frozen, in pain, or nervous, pull them out and let them reassure you that everything will be okay. They wouldn’t have stuck around so long if they didn’t work, right?