5 Design Ideas to Perfect Your Home Nursery

Being the place where we keep our babies safe and watch them grow, it’s only natural that we’d want to make sure every part of the nursery is perfect, including the design. But, that’s much easier said than done! After all, how can you really know what the best option is for the crib, the colors, a theme, or patterns?

To answer all these questions, it can be helpful to have a quick guide for the most effective ways to design your baby room. Let’s jump in!

The Crib

As the spot where babies will be spending most of their time, the crib can easily be considered one of the most important elements of a perfect nursery design. Fortunately, there are a few ground rules you can stick with to make sure you have the crib you want and need!

A good place to start is asking yourself whether you want a classic or more modern crib design. Those who want to try something more contemporary should consider ordering an oval-shaped crib, which is a neat way to add some subtle style to the room.

Another factor you might want to consider for a practical design step is a crib that can be converted into a bed as the baby grows.

And, of course, you’ll want to get the crib ahead of time to prevent any unnecessary delays or minor crises!


When it comes to defining the mood and aesthetic of the nursery, the coloring is a major player.

One classic tip that can be particularly useful if the baby’s sex isn’t yet known is to utilize an elegant grey color scheme. Grey coloring has the distinct advantage of combining modern and traditional sensibilities while matching well with many different secondary colors.

Another modern color choice that can also help stimulate your baby’s visual development is to use colors that are strong and contrasting. These can work particularly well as design patterns for the walls, furniture, accessories, or textiles.

It can also be a good idea to keep in mind which colors can grow or maintain different moods for the baby. Red can invoke bold and passionate emotions, while orange can be comforting and yellow can be spirited. Blue is a nice comforting and tranquil option as well.

And whatever colors you choose, the possibilities are practically unlimited!


As the rest of the design choices are going to revolve around the nursery’s theme, it’s a good idea to choose this at the beginning (or very near the beginning) of the process. And there is no shortage of different themes to choose from!

One unique and pleasant, gender-neutral theme can be to base the design around the letters of the alphabet. Some other fantastic and original ideas you might want to consider are a jungle theme, a starry night aesthetic, adventure designs, or a Parisian setting. The only limits for choosing a theme are your own personal tastes and imagination.

Additionally, it can both be fun and helpful for the baby to incorporate their name prominently within the theme, as this helps connect the room to your baby’s own identity and personality.

Storage Space

With the incredibly numerous and detailed items you might need as you take care of your baby, having plenty of room to store these items is almost a necessity. Fortunately, this space can still be included as part of the design and doesn’t have to detract from the theme or aesthetic.

One smart idea for how to do this could be to paint the shelves to give them a bold and energetic vibe. You can also creatively combine a bookshelf or cabinets and drawers with the color scheme or design accessories of the nursery.

Regardless of how you decide to do it, adding more storage space to the nursery can be both a practical and even exciting design challenge!


Finally, there are a massive number of accessories that you might want to add to the nursery to complete and accentuate the design. These can include a dimmer for the lights, adjustable furniture as your baby grows, motion features such as rocking chair, and an area for adults to sit and be part of the experience too.

While these accessory options are by no means exhaustive, hopefully this can help get the creative spark going and initiate some brainstorming as you try to find the best, unique, and most creative methods and combinations of choices to design your baby’s nursery and its theme!