10 Weird Sink Ideas

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] love seeing interesting sink ideas. Why not add an unusual sink to your bathroom to spice up an otherwise boring convention? Guests will marvel at it and you’ll add a touch of wealth to a bathroom for an affordable price.

The best thing about these sinks is that they are all works of art!  Unique and stylish, they add that “wow” factor to any home looking to impress guests.  If you’re someone who enjoys hosting parties and guests and love to entertain with some unique stylistic choices, then these unique sinks might just give you some great ideas!  

It’s always interesting to use the bathroom in high end restaurants and hotels and come across an unusual sink design.  For some reason it just gives the impression that the people who designed the place really cared about what they were doing and wanted to impress their customers with something unique and unusual.

The only downsides to these sinks are the cost, and perhaps some space considerations as well.  Having a large and interesting sink is definitely a display of wealth.  

This spiral sink is one of the coolest concepts I have seen in quite a long time. I love the slate gray color and the feeling of a conch shell. Also brings to mind the golden ratio.

This “floating” glass sink gives a weightless feel to the fixture, and adds a modern touch to an otherwise boring concept.  The only thing here would be cleaning it all the time so that it doesn’t develop hard water stains or soap scum.

This “waterfall” sink is a bizarre concept. It’s almost like a work of modern art. The way it drains to a floor drain is also unusual. However, it reminds me a bit too much of a urinal.  Also, the draining into the floor seems like it could get gross after a while.  Otherwise it’s a very interesting design.

This carved wooden sink is an amazing and rustic concept. This repurposed wood has a special lacquer to avoid water damage.  This would be a great DIY project for those who are into woodworking.  You could even find the wood yourself on a hike or trip.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this aquarium sink. It’s a cool concept but I wonder if the fish get freaked out by everyone washing their hands. Also, would running the water for long periods affect the temperature of the tank? So many questions! But this is very very cool.

This re-purposed whiskey barrel sink could be a great DIY project! I love the look and feel of this – a great rustic charm. It pairs well with the beige tile.  The copper basin blends nicely with the colors, although I could also see a silver or cast iron tone for the sink working very well as well.

This ultramodern sideless sink is a great concept piece for a modern decor house. I would not put this sink in anything other than a modern house with paired decor, otherwise it would stick out like a sore thumb! However, another idea could be to have different bathrooms have different themes. Too much?

This sink concept allows for several different counters. I really like how long it is. However, it may not be very practical. It’s also $1600!

I love this crescent sink idea for a home bar! I like that the cutting board material has been used as the counter space. However, it doesn’t give you much “splash room” and also leaves a lot of “dry” area that would need cleaning.  I really like the copper finish to this sink, and it would be a great addition to a bar area or kitchen island for a bit of a luxury touch.

How about this sink from Disegno Ceramico? Very ultra modern. I could see how this would pair well with some modern homes that utilize a lot of color and shapes.  This would also be great for schools or institutions with kids.  Get them into washing their hands at a young age!

No matter what you think of these particular designs, I hope it has given you something to think about when deciding whether or not to upgrade your sink to something a bit more unconventional!  Even if you’re designing a bathroom for a business such as a restaurant or hotel, as I said before an extravagant sink can give an overall appearance of wealth and desire to impress guests.  After all, these sinks are made to be seen by as many people as possible!